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What Is The Difference Between Private And Public Cord Blood Banking?

I decided to donate cord blood. Wonderful. But have you settled on which bank to keep the sample? Many banks around the country offer umbilical cord blood. If you’re confused and cannot select who you choose, read this.

What to consider when choosing a private cord blood bank

Three main factors need to be checked before choosing a bank to store cord blood or cord blood record.



PRIVATE CORD BLOOD BANK are not free. Contact different banks and find out their prices. Everyone has a difference in price. Choose one that fits your budget. But you should not change your mind to provide cord blood only because of the price factor. Life is more expensive than dollars.


Private banks grow in every corner of the country. Therefore, you should not have any problems finding one near your settlement. Also, many hospitals are linked to PRIVATE CORD BLOOD BANK, especially with delivery centers. In this way, you can consult a doctor or midwife regarding this problem.

After you choose a bank, it is worth discussing with employees. These are competent professionals who can answer your questions and provide you with additional information in this area.


You have chosen your bank, but is it trustworthy? Your question may be answered by AABB (American Society of Blood Banks). This association monitors blood banks throughout the country and provides them with a certificate of accreditation, as in universities. Therefore, before submitting a final answer, ask AABB about your bank’s certification and whether these complaints are from other donors or recipients. After all, you do not want to give your precious baby’s umbilical cord to a jar around the corner.


The most important thing to remember when choosing your PRIVATE CORD BLOOD BANK is neutrality. Talk to your doctor about this; set an appointment with trained bank staff. If there are people around you who have donated cord blood, talk to them about it. You can dig some facts out of their experience.

In short, do not rush to make decisions blindly or hastily. Relax and explore the Internet and do not forget to consult people around you. Remember that you will make one of the critical decisions in your life.