How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana has been used for centuries but it was until recently when researchers unlocked amazing health benefits it’s associated with. That way, many hospitals are also using cannabis products and if you want to benefit, having a medical marijuana card will ensure that you enter in your nearby medical dispensary and buy the plant to treat your corresponding symptoms or health ailment.

Having medical marijuana also allows you to use medical cannabis delivery services and also grow them at home if you need to. But what happens when it’s time to renew your card? Here’s some information that will help you out.

Renewing a medical marijuana card

Depending on the state you reside, you can go to your doctor’s office and request for medical card renewal. It is easier to renew your card to the doctor who provided your marijuana recommendation because all the information about you will be there and the only thing you’ll require is your ID or driver’s license to prove that you still reside in that state.


However, if you opt to see another doctor when renewing your card, you should have your original ID, original card and any pertinent medical record that might speed up the process.

What you need when renewing your medical marijuana card

• Medical records
• State ID
• Existing marijuana card
• Form of payment

What happens when you go to the physician’s office for medical marijuana card renewal?

When you go to your doctor’s office, you will mention that you want to renew your medical marijuana card and you will present your ID and records if you have any. If you are seeing a new doctor, it would be recommendable to carry an original card or a recommendation from your physician.


If your card expired, it is not automatic that you’ll get a new one. Basically, the doctor will conduct medical marijuana evaluations to make sure you qualify. If your medical condition has improved, your doctor may not feel the need to renew your card as part of your treatment.

If the renewal is approved, you will receive the new card within 10 business days and once it arrives, you can comfortably obtain medical marijuana from your nearby dispensary.

What you need to understand is that the card will be active for one year and it’s recommendable to renew it one month before the expiration date. If you misplace your card or if it gets stolen, you must report to the appropriate agency such as the Department of Health Services in your state and you’ll have to pay some fee for replacement.